In 1998, Shanghai Xinchang Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai, China. We are committed to making quality doors and windows.

Several years of R & D efforts, and pay close attention to quality production. Xinchang doors and windows in the domestic industry in the leading position, sales of over 100 million. In 2005, Xinchang windows and doors represented several famous European brands and began to match the highest level in the world. Many R & D teams have been sent to Germany to study and learn, and constantly iterate and polish their products. Ten years of grinding a sword……

In 2012, Xinchang set up a complete door and window system that can compete with world-class products. And insist on doing China's own brand, not fake foreign card. Since then, Xinchang has been singing in the overseas market. Pinnacle project in Australia, Century Square in the United States, guitar projects have received high-end praise from the industry, but also many times by the European Union CE certification, the United States AAMA certification, China SGS certification, IFT and other international certification.

In 2017, the annual output value of Xinchang windows and doors exceeded 1 billion, and continued to open up to the high-end door and window products. Xinchang's doors and windows are of high quality, and it is already the world's industrial success. All hardware accessories are from the world famous brand for Xinchang customized production. Xinchang will lead the world by 2025 of China's manufacturing standard. At the beginning of the new year in 2018, Xinchang also started the retail business.

20 years of iterative innovation and the praise of overseas markets have given Xinchang a strong future.With high-grade and ultimate standards to push doors and windows to a higher level of quality and service, universal benefits to thousands of households at home and abroad.

The new retail brand will soon sail away.
Welcome colleagues and win the future!


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