Five million incubator fund helps you to succeed
Franchisee incubation program starts
The new retail brand will be opened soon,
Shinecha welcomes to all peers to make more achievement in the future.
Join Idea
  • Advanced customization

    Pushing high-end doors and windows to a higher level of quality services as a standard of advance and supreme for 20 years of iterative innovation.

  • Excellent quality

    the standard of China Made 2025 in extreme quite, warm, waterproof, bright and against wind to lead the world.

  • After sale without worry

    installation technology, never leaving any hidden perils and keeping in a high quality of after-sale service for 10 years

Brand Present
Brand Present

In 1998, Shanghai Xinchang Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai, China. We are committed to making quality doors and windows.

Several years of R & D efforts, and pay close attention to quality production. Xinchang doors and windows in the domestic industry in the leading position, sales of over 100 million. In 2005, Xinchang windows and doors represented several famous European brands and began to match the highest level in the world. Many R & D teams have been sent to Germany to study and learn, and constantly iterate and polish their products. Ten years of grinding a sword……

In 2012, Xinchang set up a complete door and window system that can compete with world-class products. And insist on doing China's own brand, not fake foreign card. Since then, Xinchang has been singing in the overseas market. Pinnacle project in Australia, Century Square in the United States, guitar projects have received high-end praise from the industry, but also many times by the European Union CE certification, the United States AAMA certification, China SGS certification, IFT and other international certification.

In 2017, the annual output value of Xinchang windows and doors exceeded 1 billion, and continued to open up to the high-end door and window products. Xinchang's doors and windows are of high quality, and it is already the world's industrial success. All hardware accessories are from the world famous brand for Xinchang customized production. Xinchang will lead the world by 2025 of China's manufacturing standard. At the beginning of the new year in 2018, Xinchang also started the retail business.

Over the past 20 years of iterative innovation, the overseas market has been praised repeatedly, so that Xinchang has the strength to look into a broader future, with “ advanced, ultimate ” the standard will push doors and windows to a higher level of quality and service, and will benefit millions of households at home and abroad.

Shinecha has been praised repeatedly by overseas high-end markets
Shinecha has lead the high-end customized market around the world in 20 years.
Product Case
Join Process
  • Advisory negotiatio


  • submit applications


  • Field visit


  • Evaluation and approval


  • Check the merchant


  • Construction and decoration


  • Staff training


  • Opens for operations


Join Qualification
Franchisees need to meet the requirements of Shinecha in joining willingness, management experience, financial strength, current operating stores. Specific includes:
  • 1.Joining willingness

    Regarding Shinecha as new career starting point and an opportunity to achieve personal value and accepting the business model and the enterprise culture of Shinecha, having a great faith in the products and business model of Shinecha.

  • 2.Management experience

    Having operating management experience in high-end building material and home furnishing brand, possessing the store resources in the local high-end building material and home furnishing mall, and having strong recognition and operation capacity of brand management

  • 3.Financial strength

    Having financial strength to cover all the cost of operating the store

  • 4.Business reputation

    Complying with local operation laws and regulations; having good business reputation locally.

Shinecha will use the forms of investigation and interview to evaluate the above conditions of the franchisee to determine whether they are able to be the merchant.

Support For The Policy Of Joining
  • Brand advertising support:

    Providing online and offline vigorous brand promotion nationwide.

  • Multi-channel marketing support:

    Help franchisees make targeted market positioning analysis and formulate strategies of product mix and promotion marketing.

  • Free store design:

    Providing store image design with national uniform SI identification.

  • Order tracking:

    Providing order tracking service throughout the process to keep track of the progress.

  • Store opening subsidies:

    Incubation fund is set as an opening subsidies for the first 30 franchisees.

  • Supervisor operating support:

    Exclusive supervisors will be set to help and support the whole operation process of franchisees.

  • Store decoration subsidies:

    Incubation fund is set as an decoration subsidies for the first 30 franchisees.

  • Sale rebate support:

    The headquarter will set different levels of annual rebate mechanisms for franchisees.

  • Sales promotion support:

    Providing various kinds of activity plans for opening preparation, regional alliance and channel linkage.

  • Systematic training support:

    Xinchang management school sets systematic training system for franchisees.

Join Advantage

    Since the establishment, Shinecha has always attached great importance to scientific research and development and brand building, insisted on starting from the top design, and United internationally renowned architectural design team.


    Shinecha has always adhered to the vision of globalization, R&D team has visited Europe and the United States for many times, and developed new products in cooperation with world-class companies to meet the needs of world-class high-end customers.


    Shinecha possesses advanced automotive equipments from Europe. By executing in a very high technical standards, strict system analysis and product quality management, comprehensive technical support and advisory services.


    Shinecha has been accredited by American certification AAMA, EU certification CE and China certification SGS. Shinecha is very popular in European, American and Australian markets.


    The customer service hotline of 400 is providing technical support constantly for 7*24 hours, and the mountings of products can be exchanged within 2 years, repaired within 5 years and maintained for lifetime.


    Shinecha has set up systematic training courses for helping franchisees to master the knowledge of products better and supervising and guiding all the staffs in operation management.


    Shinecha has always been meeting the advanced needs of the customers and has set a new standard for industries in an excellent performance of texture, modeling, structure, thermal insulation.


    Shinecha stands out from the competition because of the bright and clear brand image, and the extraordinary brand identification and the reputation in the industry expand the brand influence of Shinecha.

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