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XCT/T 70 Series Turn/Tilt Window
XCT/T 70 Series Turn/Tilt Window


Characteristics and performance:
■ This window series is from European style idea with five-chamber structure system, alloy  of high-strength performance, European high-standard technology, ideal system, the guarantee  of the highest performance and AAMA, CE certification;
■ The unique high-end grooves with European standard and the top European standard hardware guarantee the comfortable accommodation and service life of products;
■ The extraordinary sealing system with European standard, the EPDM gasket, the sealed manufacturability, and the longer durability effectively assure airproof, waterproof and acoustic insulation;
■ Central gasket is installed internally to enhance the  thermal insulation and acoustic performance of products;
■ All corners are using a stiffer sealing system;
■ The frame thickness is 70mm, and products can be divided into surface sash or concealed sash;
■ Using concealed hinges
■ The maximum thickness of IGU can be 22-48mm;


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